Monday, September 17, 2007

Healing Power of TEARS

Had a good cry lately? Maybe you should. Its good for your soul and your body. Researcher think crying and laughing stem from the same part of brain.

Even more importan than acting as stress relievers, tears attract help from other people. Researchers agree that when we cry, people around us become milder and less aggresive and they`re more likely to provide support and comfort.

Tears enable self-disclosure too; sometimes we dont even know we`re upset until we cry. We learn about emotions through crying, and then we can deal with them.

Just as crying can be healthy, not crying - hold back tears of anger or grief - can be sad for our bodies.

Doctor aren`t prescribing sob sessions just yet; how much we cry depend on genetic, gender and upbringing. But when you feel like weeping, dont fight it. Its a natural and healthy emotional response.

""And when the whole world is gone.You'll always have my shoulder to cry on...."