Saturday, March 14, 2009

Laser Scar Removal

Like any other medical procedure, with laser scar removal, you must carefully select the right clinic if you want excellent results. Although cost is a factor for most people, do not just go with the lowest bidder. Otherwise you may end up with a clinic that is more interested in your payment than in your health or the results of the treatment. Understandably, cost will be a consideration when choosing, but consider quality as well as cost when choosing a clinic with whom you will entrust your skin. Do not choose your clinic lightly or base it solely on the cost quoted for the procedure. Once you find a clinic, ask about payment plans, and also offer discounts for purchasing multiple treatments at once, which can save you money without compromising on quality.

Consider only board certified dermatologists with a staff of fully trained nurses or technicians. Although some spas or salons offer laser procedures, these are often performed by non-medical personnel, and should be avoided in favor of a laser clinic with extensive training in the lasers they will be using on your skin. Laser beams are very powerful, so trust your skin to the professionals when undergoing laser scar removal. To avoid the risk of complications, choose a trained professional who can explain your risks and how to avoid them.

Before making your final selection, schedule a consultation appointment with several doctors who offer laser scar removal. Each doctor will evaluate your skin and the scar you want removed. Then, they will recommend a specific course of treatment, using a specific laser system. Your doctor should be able to explain in detail the various types of lasers offered for laser scar removal in their office. There are several different types, and they are not all the same. Make sure your doctor is fully trained on the specific type of laser he is recommending for your treatment.

Avoid any doctor who tries to pressure you into signing up right away. Reputable doctors understand that you'll need some time to think about the procedure, and will not try to get you to commit without fully explaining the procedure and its risks. Unfortunately, because laser scar removal can be expensive, a few clinics are more interested in the money than in ensuring you have a good experience.

Like any other medical treatment, there is a risk of complications. However, you can greatly reduce your risks if you choose a quality clinic with an experienced doctor for your laser scar removal procedure.